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General courses  


Our general French courses are given in small groups (from 4 to 8 people maximum)

4 to 6 hours per week.

Each teacher uses the method that suits him best  :

Edito, Alter Ego +, Trend or Course modules.

We follow a pedagogical progression adapted to the level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)

and aligned with  CEFR recommendations.

Our courses allow you to work on the four skills, both oral and written.

French online
French online

100% online course

General French 4h or 6h / week

Discover the French language and culture with general French lessons. Progress through comprehensive training.

  • Grammar / Vocabulary

  • Oral and written comprehension

  • Oral expression and interactions

  • Performing tasks

  • DELF and DALF training

Which level to choose?

We follow the recommendations of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CEFR is a tool established by the Council of Europe to define the mastery of a foreign language such as French, according to different criteria. Since 2001, it has been a benchmark in the field of learning and teaching French.

Speak french fluently

Level A1: Beginner user

Can introduce himself or someone and ask a person questions about them and can answer the same type of questions. Can communicate in a simple manner if the other party speaks slowly and clearly and is cooperative.

Level A2: Beginner user

Can communicate in simple, routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Can describe with simple means his training, his immediate environment and evoke subjects which correspond to immediate needs.

Level B1: Independent user

Can cope with most situations encountered while traveling in an area where the target language is spoken.  Can relate an event, experience or dream, describe a hope or goal, and briefly state reasons or explanations for a project or idea.

Level B2: Independent user

Can understand the essential content of concrete or abstract topics in a complex text, including technical discussion in their specialty. Can express himself clearly and in detail on a wide range of subjects, give an opinion on a topical subject and explain the advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities.

Level C1: Experienced user

Can understand a wide range of demanding, long texts and recognize implicit meanings. Can express himself on complex subjects in a clear and well-structured manner and demonstrate control of the tools of organization, articulation and cohesion of speech.

Level C2: Experienced user

Can effortlessly understand virtually everything he / she reads or hears. Can reproduce facts and arguments from a variety of written and oral sources, summarizing them in a coherent fashion. Can express himself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, and can distinguish fine nuances of meaning in connection with complex matters.

How many hours do I have to study to reach a level?

Learning a language is like climbing a mountain: the closer you get to the top, the more difficult it is. And the higher the level, the more time is invested, and the wider the range of skills you need to acquire.

  • A0> A1 = 70 to 80 hours

  • A1> A2 = 120 to 140 hours

  • A2> B1 = 180 to 200 hours 

  • B1> B2 = 220 to 240 hours

  • B2> C1 = 250 to 300 hours

However, each person who takes training develops their language skills at a different pace and in a different way. In addition, there are many other factors that determine the rate at which a language level increases, such as: age and motivation, background of the person taking the training, exposure to the target language, self-training, the type of learning (face-to-face or distance learning - small group or large group)  

Our strengths ?

  • With us, you study in small groups which allows you to study in the best conditions.

  • With our 20h, 40h, 60h and 80h packages, you decide the duration of your training. You can start when you want but also stop when you want.

  • The first lesson is free which allows you to make sure that the level and the course are right for you.

  • Our prices: one hour of lesson costs between 11 and 8 euros.

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