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We all have different backgrounds in teaching French as a foreign language. Discover them.  

Our resumes
CV French teacher
French teacher

Michèle Trotta

More than 25 years experience teaching French as a foreign language, and in refresher training courses, I endeavour constantly to balance methodology, pragmatism, and creativity to optimise my courses. My teaching is based on the ‘task based’ approach with live action. 

I hold a Master  in Language Didactics

French teacher

Laurence Maeght

FLE teacher with 21 years of experience in the profession, and graduated with a master's degree in FLE, I have always had at heart to transmit the language as clearly as possible by basing my pedagogy on the experiences of the students and using them in order to develop their expression, both written and oral. I favor natural progression, adding over the course of the notions of civilization, phonetics and grammar.

French teacher

Sarah Mutschler

I am a french trainer with a Master II degree in langage didactics. My teaching is based on real life communication and on a spiral progression. I also like to bring students to compare french to their own langages or others. This way I try to combine a ‘task based’ approach with live action with a plurilingual approach. Also, I have at heart to include playfullness and creativity. 

French teacher

Carla Altoè

FLE teacher with a master's degree in Didactics of languages and cultures , I attach particular importance to the intercultural dimension of language learning. I offer motivating content adapted to the objectives of my students and apply myself to supporting you in your learning paths.

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