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Our workshops allow you to work on each skill independently.  

Oral expression, grammar, phonetics, vocabulary, written expression.

They take place in small groups of 6 to 8 people and last 1 hour.

They can come in addition to a general French course.

Speak French fluently
Speak French fluently

Oral expression workshop

Oral expression workshop 1h / week

Improve your speaking skills with these workshops specially designed to make you want to talk.

  • You receive the document the day before to have time to think about the proposed subject.

  • The workshop is recorded so that you can listen to the teacher's corrections again 

  • You have the choice between two levels: A1 / A2 and B1 / B2

Written production workshop

Improve your written expression for professional or personal purposes or to take the DELF and DALF exams.

  • 20-minute interview with your teacher to define your goals with him / her. 

  • Each week you receive two written production subjects adapted to your objectives.

  • Your teacher will send you the correction along with personalized advice to help you improve your written expression.  

write in French
Write in French

Writing workshop

Joueur avec des écouteurs

Atelier de phonétique

phonetics workshop  45 mins / week

Improve your French pronunciation with specially designed activities and feel comfortable speaking French.  

  • Discrimination activities to differentiate between neighboring sounds in French. 

  • Corrective pronunciation exercises based on the verb-tonal method.

  • Reading-intonation activity, phonetic dictations, role-playing,  

Our strengths ?

  • The workshops take place in a friendly and sympathetic atmosphere.

  • You benefit from a dedicated teacher for writing workshops.

  • The price  : one hour of workshop costs 12 euros.

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