Our workshops allow you to work on each skill independently.  

Oral expression, grammar, phonetics, vocabulary, written expression.

They take place in small groups of 6 to 8 people and last 1 hour.

They can come in addition to a general French course.

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Oral expression workshop

Oral expression workshop 1h / week

Improve your speaking skills with these workshops specially designed to make you want to talk.

  • You receive the document the day before to have time to think about the proposed subject.

  • The workshop is recorded so that you can listen to the teacher's corrections again 

  • You have the choice between two levels: A1 / A2 and B1 / B2

Written production workshop

Improve your written expression for professional or personal purposes or to take the DELF and DALF exams.

  • 20-minute interview with your teacher to define your goals with him / her. 

  • Each week you receive two written production subjects adapted to your objectives.

  • Your teacher will send you the correction along with personalized advice to help you improve your written expression.  

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Writing workshop

Our strengths ?

  • The workshops take place in a friendly and sympathetic atmosphere.

  • You benefit from a dedicated teacher for writing workshops.

  • The price  : one hour of workshop costs 6 euros.

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