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Our workshops allow you to work on each skill independently.  

Oral expression, grammar, phonetics, vocabulary, written expression.

They take place in small groups of 6 to 8 people and last 1 hour.

They can come in addition to a general French course.

Speak French fluently
Speak French fluently

Oral expression workshop

Talking about the news  

Do you already have an advanced level, but still need practice, or would you like to continue speaking French after a stay abroad?
Then come and take part in our news-based conversation workshop-level B2/C1!
Each week, you'll receive a folder of articles to read. And we'll discuss them during the hour of the workshop, quite simply.

Oral production A2/B1

As a complement to your general courses, or simply to improve your French, practise your oral skills in a relaxed atmosphere: role-playing and fun activities, conversation on current affairs or cultural topics... This is an opportunity to review and systematise grammar rules and vocabulary in a communicative context.​

write in French
Write in French

Oral production

Joueur avec des écouteurs

Atelier de grammaire

Grammar B1

rench. Grammar, like vocabulary, is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. In this workshop, we'll be looking at how to use it in more depth: reviewing the rules, exercises, games and oral/written expression activities, for a fun way to practise in context.   

Our strengths ?

  • The workshops take place in a friendly and sympathetic atmosphere.

  • You benefit from a dedicated teacher for writing workshops.

  • The price  : one hour of workshop costs 12 euros.

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