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"À la carte" courses  


"À la carte" courses  are aimed at people with specific needs: preparation for a job interview, preparation for an exam or a competition, refresher spelling, thesis or manuscript correction; but also to people whose schedule does not allow to follow our general courses and who need greater adaptability.  

Do not hesitate to contact us and explain your needs to us.

french online
French online

Courses for companies

Courses adapted to companies

Businesses have specific language training needs. We adapt according to needs and can offer:

  • French courses for specific objectives (FOS)

  • mini-group courses with identical levels within the company

  • individual coaching to meet specific needs (project presentation, speaking in front of an audience)

Courses suitable for juniors 

Children sometimes need French lessons to better adapt to their new environment or to communicate with part of their family. We  let's provide an appropriate response:

  • our lessons adapt to the child's personality

  • they are varied and playful and take into account the attention span of children according to their age.

  • they are based on sites and documents specially designed for them.

French courses online
French courses online

Junior course

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