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At the Coop.FLE, we exercise a beautiful and very human profession, which is why we believe that a happy teacher is a teacher on whom we impose neither the time at which he must work, nor the method he should use, nor how he should teach. And a teacher who is happy to teach also means students who are happy to learn.

For us, motivation is at the heart of language teaching, and it is as important for the teacher as it is for the learner.

Interviews with...

Interview of Michèle Trotta_edited_edite
Michèle méthode.jpg

Michele's word


"Pour moi, apprendre une langue c'est explorer un territoire vaste et complexe dans lequel il est facile de s'égarer; c'est pourquoi je conçois mon rôle d'enseignante comme un guide. Je suis là pour indiquer le meilleur chemin et pour sécuriser le parcours. Ceci posé, susciter l'imaginaire et la créativité est important pour permettre aux apprenants de s'approprier la langue.

Ma méthode ? Pendant longtemps j'ai travaillé avec des méthodes imposées mais  je préfère, aujourd'hui, créer ma propre méthode qui se compose d'un ensemble de modules. Chacun de ces modules contient tous les éléments qui vont être travaillés en classe : Compréhension orale et écrite, vocabulaire, grammaire etc...L'avantage c'est que je peux constamment réactualiser les documents que j'utilise et m'adapter aux besoins des apprenants. "

Laurence méthode_edited.jpg
Laurence méthode.jpeg

Laurence's word


"I am a very curious teacher about everything related to general culture. I love looking for new authentic documents to pique my students' curiosity and encourage them to be pro-active in their learning, in class and outside of class. This is why I have adopted reverse pedagogy, while following the Edito method. I give my students all the elements to study at home for the next lesson, oral documents, videos, texts, oral / written to prepare, so that no one gets lost in my class and everyone has something to say. 

As a result, there is dynamism in the course, a beautiful atmosphere and we move forward naturally by following a grammatical guideline which, without being an end, leads everyone to speak, write and understand French better.

Sarah méthode_edited.jpg
Sarah méthode.jpg

Sarah's word


"I like to learn foreign languages and I have lived abroad, which made me want to accompany other people in this adventure. Plus, being a French teacher in adult education has always been in the back of my mind.

At the moment, I use the “L'Atelier” method from level A1 to C1, but I like to change my textbooks regularly to keep the content current. I am part of La Coop.FLE, among other things, for the educational freedom that we can and want to have in our association. Besides, everything is not perfect in a method and I don't like routine, so sometimes I use several different ones or use other documents. But whatever material I use, the most important thing for me is the way I teach and create good group dynamics within my classes."

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